The Most popular Pornstars in 2018

Adult film stars are very common since there are thousands upon thousands of them. With that being said, there are still many that stand out above all others. These are pornstars which have something about them that makes them special. In some cases, it is their face or various body parts. Other times, it’s their personality or a combination of all these qualities. Irrespective of what it is, one thing is clear. Each of these pornstars are the hottest, most popular and arousing. Since there are so many of them, that in itself is an amazing feat.

Lana Rhoades

Miss Rhoades may be young in age – 22 – but she demonstrates sexual talents belonging to a pro. This sultry and luscious pornstar is a veteran on the screen. For instance, she is capable of performing gag-free oral sex on men that make anyone’s jaw drop. Her 34D breasts are firm and beautiful. No wonder Lana is a brunette everyone wants to have sex with. Or at least fantasize about it while they masturbate to her porn videos.

Kayden Kross

One look at Kayden Kross and you will want to see more of her. That’s because this blond pornstar has everything anyone could want in a dream girl. Her anal sex videos get millions of views because of how amazing her butt is. Her hypnotic blue eyes, hot body and boobs combine to make her a must see sex vixen. Kayden’s real name is Kimberly Nicole Rathkamp and she is 30 years old. You can see her performing tons of sex acts which are sure to leave anyone aroused.

Mia Khalifa

Some say it is her cute face while others point to her humongous breasts. Then there are those who love her luscious box and how she bangs on film. No matter the reason, one thing is for sure, Mia is one of the top porno actresses in the world. While she is small in size at only 5 ft 2 inches, she is a giant on the screen. Mia Khalifa is a native of Beirut, Lebanon and makes anyone want to fap to her porno movies.

Layla London

Whether it’s on a threesome, anal, gangbang or other eye-popping sex acts, watching Layla London perform sends chills up a spine. Her skills at sucking, licking, banging and moaning are splendid. Layla’s boobs and enticing vagina tell the story of why she is so popular in the adult industry. It’s partly why many of her porn movies are often the most popular and widely viewed.

Victoria June

Individuals who love women with huge tits will absolutely adore Victoria. Still, that is not the only feature she has worth salivating over. Miss June also has sensuous lips, cute face, hot body and a great ass. Oh yes, and she can heat up the camera once she starts to perform.

Madison Ivy

This American porno film actress only measures 4 ft 11 inches. But what she lacks in height, she more than makes up on the set. Her real name is Clorissa Briggs and she was born in Munich, Germany. Miss Madison Ivy is 29 years old but already has tons of films under her belt. That includes anal, lesbian and numerous other sexually explicit scenes.