How much do Pornstars man on average?

It’s a burning question in the back of the minds of many. Have you ever wondered how much pornstars get paid to screw their eyes out? Probably not while watching porn itself for quite obvious reasons, however most of us have thought of this at some point in time. We’re here today to answer this precise question, however it’s not quite as simple as it might seem, it’s not enough to just check how much a few random pornstars earn and take the average, this is because different kinds of porn pay differently, as you’ll see soon.

Let’s get the elephant out of the room first, how much does an absolutely average pornstar make? Without taking into consideration gender, sexual preference, number of videos or anything else? Unfortunately, the number doesn’t seem altogether too high for the average performer, with the average pornstar making ‘only’ about $40 000 a year from sex scenes.

Now, that last part might have confused you, what do we mean by from sex scenes? Isn’t that where all a pornstars income comes from? That would make sense wouldn’t it, for a pornstar’s main income to be…starring in porn. Well according to reports, this isn’t quite accurate.

Sabrina Deep, a pornstar herself, wrote in a response on Quora, that a pornstar can earn four to even six figures a year from promotional work. This refers to being a camgirl, attending conventions, doing custom scenes, giving product testimonials, as well as making her own brand. Some of these pornstars also do escort work or strip at a club, the stripping itself can earn upwards of $2000 with the tips not included. All of these activities bring quite a bit of money into the pornstar’s pocket. Unfortunately, this is nearly exclusive to female pornstars, and male performers don’t get anywhere near as much attention.

Now when you take into account total earnings, there must be a split between the genders at the very least, so that is what we’ll do, firstly, male pornstars, in addition to any extra streams on income are estimated to earn about $40 000 a year, while female pornstars have a much, much higher projected average at $120 000 a year, thrice as much as their male counterparts, some of the big names in the female porn industry knock even that out of the water, earning upwards of $200 000 a year.

Now, we’ve talked about how a pornstar’s income ranges quite a bit depending on what exactly they do and how much of it they do, so how about scenes? How much is a pornstar paid per scene on average?

A nude-exclusive solo pays an average of $340 each, this is by far the lowest grossing porn category. Similarly enough, an open leg solo will net the average pornstar $408, while an explicit or insertion solo will earn $476 and $612 respectively, interestingly enough, girl on girl action seems to be paid the same as girl on boy, with both grossing about $1020, with the average male performer getting about 500USD for his work.

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