Adult Perfomer

How to become an adult perfomer?

“I guess I’ll just do porn” is a thought a lot of us have had, it seems like an easy way out, just have sex in front of a camera? Well, unfortunately that’s not all there is to becoming an adult performer, it’s a more cutthroat, hard to get into business than many of us thought it would be. Getting into porn can be a LOT more difficult than getting a regular job, for both a female, and especially a male performer, there are some requirements which can be quite difficult to complete.

Firstly, the barrier to entry is going to be different depending on if you’re male or female. Due to a majority of pornstars being female we’ll explore that option first.

First, you need to be prepared to work, it’s not as easy as it looks, you’ll need to look at your peak at all times, be ready to be in full makeup whenever you have a shoot. Next you need to look the part, while there’s a market for women of all sizes in porn, that doesn’t mean this market is big or endorsed by big companies. To be a porn star you need to look gorgeous, it helps if you’re a blonde like 1/3 of the industry, however you definitely need to look good and your body needs to be presentable.

Next you need to be prepared to relocate, working in porn requires you to be able to travel at a moment’s notice, you might have a shoot in LA and then a few days later have to fly over to London for another one.

An important step here is to find an agent, you’ll need someone to connect you with companies, just as any other acting job. Next you’ll need to apply for a lot of jobs, be prepared to take rejection at first though.

If you’re a man, this is a whole different ballgame, the first thing to realize is that you’re probably not quite cut out for it, it’s not enough to be a stunning-looking 8-9inch sporting fella. While both of those things are requirements, and while you’ll need an agent just the same way a female actress does, you’ll have much more trouble getting gigs.

Another requirement is you need to be able to maintain an erection for 6-8 hours, now if  that doesn’t sound grueling enough, what if we told you the sex wouldn’t be all that pleasant either? You see male pornstars are required to have some degree of physical fitness partly because they’ll have to fuck in some quite unnatural poses to get the girls to look good, as  in porn, that is essentially the man’s role. Now if you’re ready to be put past that, it’s still quite a hard road ahead, but it’s manageable, you’ll need to cum, and get hard on command, but if you can manage it, you might just have a fruitful career in the porn industry waiting ahead of you.

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