The Ladyboy Dating Scene in Pattaya

Acceptance of ladyboys in Thailand stems from religion, tradition, and culture. Buddhism teaches the value of tolerance and people are treated with respect regardless of their gender. As in every other Thai city, ladyboys (trans women) in Pattaya are accepted, nice, and friendly. The city has a lively dating scene. Its bars, restaurants, clubs, and malls are popular with the local trans community.

If you’re just starting out, dating sites like TS Dating and My Ladyboy Date are the easiest way to meet someone.

If you’re a foreigner in Pattaya looking for a serious relationship with a ladyboy or vice versa, international dating sites like these are just for you. For example, My Ladyboy Date was created for and mostly staffed by trans women. The founders understand it can be hard to meet trans people on conventional dating sites due to phobia and discrimination and help people in Pattaya and elsewhere find respectful and loving partners.

Once you’ve met someone, where do you go? Here are some romantic suggestions from people who have some experience with dating Pattaya ladyboys.

Visit Crescent Bay

The highest point in the city is Pratumnak Hill, offering a beautiful view of Crescent Bay. It’s a romantic and majestic place to take someone during the day or in the evening. You can take pictures to immortalize your experience or spend time in the area of the esplanade. It’s a place to make pleasant memories together.

Watch the International Transgender Pageant (November)

If you happen to be in the city in November, don’t miss the biggest transgender show in the world – the annual Miss International Queen Pageant. You and your trans date will love watching it. You will also learn a lot about Thailand’s trans culture and get to know the person you’re seeing better.

If you’ve planned a date over the weekend and you’re feeling anxious, don’t hesitate to head to one of the city’s flea markets. Shopping together will help reduce your anxiety and make sure you have fun together. It’s also quite practical because these places offer good discounts on what are often high-value goods. Don’t worry about food – most markets have kiosks. You can also buy each other matching gifts.

The ladyboy dating scene isn’t limited to these options. There are bars, clubs, movie theaters, cabarets, and other shows where you can meet trans women or take one and have a good time!

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